Truesecure Marketing Sdn Bhd, the Exclusive Distributor of GP Films, warrants :

*the “adhesion” referred to above only includes adhesion with the force of 650+/-100g/in with below
testing method :

  • Chatellon LTCM-100
  • Pulling angle of 90degress
  • Pulling speed of 300mm/min
  • Test specimen of 2B stainless steel
  • Application duration of 14 days

*the “removal” is referred to applied GP Films ONLY. GP Films is NOT liable shall other materials on the applied surface such as paint’s clear coat and/or base coat is/are removed together.

As for windscreen protection film we will offer a 1-year warranty and in the event of the windscreen shatters after installing GP Windscreen Protection Films within 6 months. We will honour a 1 to 1 WPF replacement with no additional charges for 1 off only.