About Us

About Us

GP Films is a product of Adtech Malaysia Sdn Bhd.  Adtech Malaysia was established at the year of 2003 as protective film manufacturers. Ever since, we had grown to be the leading PE Protection Tape manufacturer in the country. One of the major factors behind our success is that we are always committed to deliver products of the highest quality in the market standard.We have extensive experiences in manufacturing protective film in Malaysia. As recognition towards our unrivalled quality, Adtech’s PE protection tape products are being used in the automotive, building materials and electrical appliances industries.

Our products cater to both domestic and export markets, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. As a testament to our reliability and quality, our products are used on major brands like Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, JVC, Samsung, Honda, Samsung and Western Digital. We are relentless in our innovation and in year 2020, we have developed an advanced consumer grade protection film under brand name called GP Films.

GP Films is more than a brand. It is a D2C (Direct to Consumer) whereby consumer is dealing directly with manufacturer and therefore quality and warranty are strongly assured. In addition, we go extra miles by setting up our own workshop and installation team to ensure consistent quality right from the start of raw materials selection to the end of film installation. By far, we are proudly to be chosen as one of the paint protection film vendor for prestigious car brands such as Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and etc.

Why Us ?


One-Stop Solution

PPF and other car care services

Superb Craftsmanship

Skilful and trained film artisan

Direct to Consumer (D2C)

Manufacturer to consumer

Advanced Technology Base Film

Made of USA and Japan TPU resin

Manufacturer-backed Warranty and Quality

Strong assurance

Product and Service Sustainability

Wastes are collected by licensed recycled company

Our Achievement

Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2022