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Adtech Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the leading protective film manufacturer in Malaysia. One of the major factors behind our success is that we are always committed to deliver products of the highest quality in the market standard. We have extensive experiences in manufacturing protective film in Malaysia. As recognition towards our unrivalled quality, our company's PE protection tape products are being used in the automotive, building materials and electrical appliances industries.

Superior Durability

GP Films is highly durable and very resistant to scratches, shears and abrasions of road debris.

Excellent Clarity

It enhances the clarity and glossiness of your car

UV Resistant

Ck off UV rays from harming your car paint.


GP Films has heat-assisted self-healing top coat. It heals from scratches with depth up to 12 microns.

Easy To Clean & Chemical Resistant

Our film is highly chemical-resistant and equipped with easy to clean hydrophobic topcoat.

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GP Films Product Care Instruction

GP Paint Protection Film

  • Washing shall only be performed 7 days after installation.
  • After the first 7 days, it is advisable to do regular washing (at least once a week) using a microfibre cloth and mild soap with water to clean the film.
  • Do regular hydrophobic coating at least once every 2 months for the best result.
  • Do not polish, scrub, brush or perform any other acts of abrasion with the intention to clean the film.
  • Clean any insect splatter and/or stain in the shortest possible time following the instructions in Step 2.
  • Detailing clay shall be used to remove stubborn dust and contaminants.


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