Why GP Films Paint protection Films (PPF) And Windscreen Protection Films (WPF)


GP Paint Protection Film is your perfect one-stop solution service for vehicle protection film. Our services include excellent care solutions and meticulous detailing works for your dream car.

Superb Workmanship

We are proud to bring you the highest quality product with the most meticulous and professional artistry to deliver the best shine to your vehicle.

Direct To Consumer (D2C)

GP Films adopts Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) approach via social media technology to ensure you are communicating directly with your service provider – eliminating intermediary costs.

Advanced Technology Based Film

GP Films procure raw materials from abroad with reputable suppliers, suppliers particularly our thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) base films. Our films thickness are up to 180 microns.

Manufacturer-backed Warranty

GP Films provides three years Limited Warranty.

Product and Service Sustainability

At GP Films, we believe in sustainability. We ensure that all of our removed or wasted films are sent for proper and professional disposal and recycling processes.

Gp Films Product Care Instruction

GP Paint Protection Film

  • Washing shall only be performed 7 days after installation
  • After the first 7 days, it is advisable to do regular washing (at least once a week) using a microfibre cloth and mild soap with water to clean the film.
  • To do regular hydrophobic coating at least once a month for the best result.
  • Do not polish, scrub, brush or perform any other acts of abrasion with the intention to clean the film.
  • Clean any insect splatter and/or stain in the shortest possible time following the instructions as Step 2.
  • Detailing clay shall be used to remove stubborn dust and contaminants.

GP Windscreen Protection Film

  • Do not drive vigorously within the first seven(7) days after installation.
  • Do not wash, wipe or scrub the windscreen within the first seven(7) days after installation.
  • After the initial 7 days, you may wash with clean water at least twice per week.
  • Avoid dry-wipes as it will scratch the film due to accumulation of any kind of debris and dust.
  • Customers are advised to apply hydrophobic coating at least once a month for the best result. Please consult our GP Films specialist for application details.

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