Product Features

GP Paint Protection Films

Superior Durability

GP Films provides high durability against impact from stones, grime and other road debris.

Excellent Clarity

The films provided are of a high-quality product that highlights the clarity and glossiness of your car.

Easy to Clean and Chemical Resistant

Resistant from chemicals and easy to clean.

UV Resistant

Our materials and technology include a UV-resistant additive that blocks off UV rays from harming your car paint.


GP Films’ topcoat has a self-healing feature. It heals itself from scratches with depth up to 12 microns.

Solid Protection Against Scratches

GP Films is durable and robust enough to resist scratch, shear and abrasion.

Technical Specifications

General Description and Use
Argotec SKU Number 49510-60DV
Typical application Outdoor, exposed applications requiring UV resistance
Polymer Polycaprolactone-based, aliphatic polyurethane (TPU)
Extrusion method Flat-die extrusion
Gauge 5 – 12 mils (125 – 300 microns)
Width Up to 62 inches (1.6 meters)
Length Up to 1000 non-spliced yards (914.4 meters)
Key attributes
  • Smoth, matte or gloss surfaces
  • Combines soft and hard polycaprolactones
  • UV resistant
  • No additives or processing aids

Physical Properties Test Method Value
Hardness ASTM D-2240 Shore 93A
Tensile strength ASTM D-412 5000 psi
34.47 MPa
Elongation @ break ASTM D-412 550%
UV resistance A101 No change, 3000 hrs

1 QUV using UVA bulb, 4 hours 50℃ UV exposure, 4 hours 60℃ condensation.

Properties Unit Spec. Test Method
Thickness um 180±10 JIS C-2318
Adhesion gf/inch ≥1,800 ASTM D-3330
Transmission % ≥90 ASTM D1003
Gloss at 60° GU ≥85 JIS Z 8741
*b ⪬0.5 JIS Z 8701
Surface Contact Angle degree ≥95 ASTM C813

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