Frequently Asked Questions

GP Paint Protection Film

1. How should I look after my new GP Paint Protection Film?

Wash your car after 7 days after installation. Be sure to clean and wipe off any stains and bird droppings from the surface to avoid damaging the topcoat. Wash your car weekly by just using general cleaning agent/products to maintain the lifespan of your film.

2. How long can GP Paint Protection Films last?

Paint protection films are also known as sacrificial layers that should be replaced every 3 – 6 years. Last 3-6 years depending on the application environment based on the films thickness of up to 190 microns.

3. Should I polish GP Films regularly?

No, please do not polish your GP Films to avoid any damages.

4. Should I apply some wax/ ceramic coatings on top of the GP Films?

It is advisable to apply wax or ceramic coating every 6 months if you wash your car every week.

5. What is the difference between GP Paint Protection Film and Wax or Ceramic/Nano Coating?

GP Films provide an additional layer of protection by applying a physical layer of durable film that comes with a very long lifespan. Other solutions have a shorter lifespan which is only a razor-thin coating and it will easily evaporate, wear off, and be washed off with no physical protection. It is only more of aesthetic purpose rather than protection. Our GP Paint Protection Films are up to 190 microns, therefore it will last for 3-6 years depending on the application environment.

6. How much does GP Paint Protection Film Cost?

Please refer to our Service Packages for further pricing information.

7. Is self-healing possible?

Yes, self-healing is real and it is possible as long as the scratch does not exceed 12 microns.

8. Can I reuse the films on another vehicle?

No, please do not reuse your GP Films. It comes with six years limited warranty to remove the sacrificed films underneath the original paint professionally. If you are worried about sustainability, all of our films are disposed and recycled responsibly by licensed plastic waste collection companies.

9. Will my original car paint be damaged after removing the protection film?

Relevant research was done to prove the removing of films will not affect your original car paint. (Original car paint must be up to paint industry standards)

10. What do I need to do to maintain the protection films to be in optimum condition?

Customers are advised to apply hydrophobic coating at least once every two(2) months. Please consult our GP Films specialist for application details.